Use and enrich the quality of the place. Design clean, efficient and beautiful homes. Maximally open the houses against nice views and connect them with the surrounding garden. These were the main ideas in creating the architectural design of the residential complex of Radotínské vyhlídky.

How many different feelings can one experience in a single house? Generous living space, a solid concrete shell that opens up to beautiful views. Rooftop terrace adjoining the dining area, an ideal place to sit with friends in the upcoming evening. Absolute freedom and openness on the balcony, culminating in the exposed console of the house. Steam deck. Or rather, its captain's bridge in the superstructure, from which the view is underlined by a panoramic window? On the contrary, intimacy and safety in the basement bedrooms. But not closed, even here you can enter undisturbed from the rooms directly into the garden.

Radotínské vyhlídky offer all of this.

Equally important are the practical aspects of the project. Carefully designed above-standard design solutions are fully in line with today's times. As well as the technical and operational solutions. Houses not only meet today's stringent standards for the cost-effective operation of buildings, they are also significantly outpaced. Exceptional views and openness of houses to the surroundings will certainly not be redeemed by higher operating costs.

House offer