Architect Kamil Mrva (1974) is one of the most prominent representatives of the younger generation of Czech architects. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture in Brno and short practice at Prague's Gama under the leadership of Karel Prager, he went on a study trip to North America where he studied mainly the works of F. L. Wright.


Full of enthusiasm from this journey he went back to his native Koprivnice and went to work on one of his first buildings, his own family house with a studio. Here he realized his manifesto and spent the construction of the house from the point of view of an architect, investor and building supervisor. The house, bearing his typical handwriting, attracted great attention and brought the young architect first orders. There were several family houses, which are characterized by the interconnection of the contemporary architectural formality with the traditional materials and the landscape of the Beskydy region.

Although the architect gained a remarkable reputation with his wooden constructions, he didn't stick to this technology only and in the next stage of his work he extended the architectural register with other materials and architectural tasks. In the portfolio of projects, larger buildings also appear. The dominant building material of today's houses is no longer just wood. But to other materials such as stone, concrete, metal, glass, Kamil Mrva approaches to take advantage of their typical features and makes them simple, clean, efficient. Several recent projects are open to the public.

Kamil Mrva has been working for more than twelve years in his studio in Kopřivnice, but the projects are no longer exclusively linked to the Beskydy region. In spite of the growing volume of orders, he works with a small team of co-workers, and his studio has hosted a number of students. In 2012, the Prague branch of Kamil Mrva Architects was also established.

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